Friday, May 19, 2006

Last cohort until September--Wednesday 5/24

Come next week to the last (formal--as if we are ever that formal!) gathering of the Baltimore Emergent cohort before the summer. We will have a variety of discussion topics inculding inovative approaches to worship, great books to read over the summer, thoughts on the DaVinci code, and more. Bring your own thoughts, ideas, and questions to contribute. We will also look ahead to how we ant to shape our plans for the fall (when and where to meet, who to invite to present to us, etc.) As usual we will meet from 7-9pm in the back room at the Bare Bones Grill in Ellicott City. All are invited. Hope to see you next Wednesday, Tim


Folkfan said...

This following is on the Emergent Village calendar for Sept.

Does anyone have more information on it?
Thanks, Ruth Alice

Organization: Emergent Village
Event: The Story We Find Ourselves In
Location: Cedar Ridge Community Church
Date: From Monday, September 18 to Thursday, September 21, 2006

A conference on Christian heritage for the emerging church, co-sponsored by Wesley Theological Seminary, Emergent, and Cedar Ridge Community Church. To register for housing please go to

Anonymous said...

Ruth Alice,
Let me pass your question on to Jason Mack, a recent Wesley grad wh interned at CRCC; he will certainly know what there is to know, and who to ask.

Can you give some contact info so we can call/email you?

betsy mitchell henning
dir of liturgical arts
Cedar Ridge