Thursday, July 02, 2009

July Meeting

Just a reminder: our next meeting is this Tuesday, July 7 at the Austin Grill in Canton (2400 Boston St # 108, Baltimore, MD 21224) at 7:30 pm. We live in an age of Wikipedia, open-source software, and crowdsourcing, when the assumption is that too many cooks will make the broth better, where texts, images, and songs are increasingly simple to remix and reproduce. Should the church build a broader, more inclusive structure for leadership? Is it better to have a church with a few highly trained leaders who finds its authority in the careful deliberations of the few, or with an open leadership that trusts that mistakes will be made, corrected, and fixed quickly? What does an "open-source church" require in terms of community, commitment, and humility? For this meeting, we'll be discussing Sam Kean's article Open to Revisions from the May/June issue of Search Magazine.