Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Next cohort--SEPT. 16th with Mike Stavlund!

Our next cohort gathering has shifted slightly and will be on Tuesday night 9/16 and our special guest will be Mike Stavlund. Here's his bio. Mike Stavlund is a husband and father who lives outside Washington, DC. He is a part of the innovative and experimental church Common Table, and is also a member of Relational Tithe and enjoys the friendship that is Emergent Village. He writes, he builds stuff, he runs, and he keeps a blog called The Awakening. In short we will have an evening full of depth, wit, and insight on life, faith, the church, and the world. I wouldn't miss it. We'll gather at Kiss Cafe (2400 Boston St., Baltimore, 21224) at 8pm. Also, check out the info. in the other posts for the Reclaiming Paul conference in October in Kansas City plus Nov. 8th with Pete Rollins in Philly. Hope to see you on the 16th, Tim P.S.--for those interested in New Monasticism from our more recent cohort discussion. Check out www.newmonasticism.org and the 12 Marks of New Monasticism.

Reclaiming Paul Conference

From what I've heard, this should be a great conference with a distinct Baltimore flavor. Check it out and go if you can. Here's the description: Are you interested in Paul and the church? Consider coming to the “Reclaiming Paul” conference, a conversation among emerging church leaders and biblical scholars, pastors, and educators. It will take place at Jacob’s Well Church in Kansas City, October 22-24, 2008. Pauline specialists giving plenary addresses include Steve Fowl, Kathy Grieb, Ross Wagner, and Baltimore’s own Mike Gorman. Other presenters include John Franke, Tony Jones, Tim Keel, Mike King, Doug Pagitt, and Danielle Shroyer. Visit the website for more information (www.reclaimingpaul.org).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pete Rollins conference in November in Philly

This should be a great conference that we are part of: The Emergent Mid-Atlantic Conference: A Humble yet Comprehensive Attempt at Kingdom Building When: all day Sat. Nov. 8th, $15 for students, $25 online, $35 at the door Where: Church of the Holy Trinity Rittenhouse Square (Philadelphia, PA) Who: Everyone, but especially Pete Rollins Let's get some folks together to go! Tim

Cohort on Thurs., then Sept. 16th?

Thursday night the cohort will gather to discuss: A Christianity Worth Believing: Hope-filled, Open-armed, Alive-and-well Faith for the Left Out, Left Behind, and Let Down in us All by Doug Pagitt. To download chapters and podcasts from the book visit dougpagitt.com. Take a look at it (or not) and come to discuss on Thursday night at 8pm at Kiss Cafe (2400 Boston St. Baltimore, 21224).

If you are drawn to the the mystifying, loving God whom we meet in Jesus Christ, but put off by "Christianity" (or, for that matter, the Christians you know) this contrarian, wise, winsome, passionate book is a must-read.

Lauren F. Winner — author of Girl Meets God, Duke Divinity School

Here is theology as it is supposed to be: a love story between two parts of one whole. Intimate, candid, vulnerable as well as brilliant and salvific, this one is God-talk at its most persuasive. It is also emergence Christianity at its clearest and best.

Phyllis Tickle — Author The Divine Hours, The Words Of Jesus

The next cohort gathering is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday Sept. 16th at 8pm at Kiss Cafe. Hope to see you soon, Tim