Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reclaiming Paul Conference

From what I've heard, this should be a great conference with a distinct Baltimore flavor. Check it out and go if you can. Here's the description: Are you interested in Paul and the church? Consider coming to the “Reclaiming Paul” conference, a conversation among emerging church leaders and biblical scholars, pastors, and educators. It will take place at Jacob’s Well Church in Kansas City, October 22-24, 2008. Pauline specialists giving plenary addresses include Steve Fowl, Kathy Grieb, Ross Wagner, and Baltimore’s own Mike Gorman. Other presenters include John Franke, Tony Jones, Tim Keel, Mike King, Doug Pagitt, and Danielle Shroyer. Visit the website for more information (www.reclaimingpaul.org).

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Michael J. Gorman said...

Thanks for the notice. I hope many will attend!

By the way, Steve Fowl, another Pauline scholar at the conference, is also from Baltimore. He is chair of the theology department at Loyola College and a great guy. And Kathy Grieb is from the Episcopal Seminary just down the road in Alexandria, VA, and also a very interesting scholar involved with Church of the Savior in DC.