Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Next cohort gathering Tuesday March 25th

The next cohort gathering will be on Tuesday March 25th at 8pm at Kiss Cafe at 2400 Boston St. in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore. Kiss Cafe is easy to get to and has plenty of available parking. There is a full menu available. We will be on the left side of the restaurant. We had a great gathering in Feb. and look forward to another one this time. We do not have a set topic at the moment , but since we have not gathered for awhile, it might be interesting to talk about what we think the church that is emerging is, can be, and how we can make a difference in the blog. Feel free to post any preliminary thoughts or rumblings on the cohort blog. See you in a few weeks, Tim P.S.--It is not too late to sign-up for the Deep Shift conference on Friday and Saturday in Vienna, VA. Let me know if you want the $20 off discount code. Hope you can make it!


Jason said...

Tim, I think we had a short email exchange over the last 6 months. I wasn't able to make your last gathering, but I'd like to make this one. Hope to see you all there.

Theophilus said...


Thank you for being the man last night. It was great to hear from everyone. It is encouraging to see the Lord working in such a diverse group in so many diverse ways.

After thinking about the many wonderful ideas shared by all last night, I was struck that it was just a reflection of all our lives and the thing that was constant was that Jesus was right in the middle. The talk about our history as a faith and how we cannot just throw it out was challenging and I liken it to all our struggles in life. I personally am always trying to reconcile my past with the present and how it relates to the the larger story. I think on a personal level and a faith group level the strain to reconcile our past with the present will always be there, it has shaped us and God has used it and is using it to shape our spiritual lives. The very birth of this Emergent Conversation is a result of our past and present being reconciled and restored as Jesus makes all things new.
I was also encouraged by the desire of everyone to be human and start to reflect the image we were created from. God created us in His image as humans and all people wether they can articulate it or not desire for community and true human connection where we find Jesus (in the least of these).
I look forward to getting to know others and there story.
Again, Tim I thank you and your wife for making this happen.
Brother to Brother,

Jason said...

I also had a great time last night. Reading through your old posts here makes me wish I'd become involved earlier. I was living in Owings Mills and working in Catonsville when you all were meeting at Bare Bones.

Thanks to everyone who came.

Tim said...

Thanks for your comments guys. It was a great night of conversation and I look forward to many more.