Friday, May 04, 2007

May cohort--Tuesday 5/22--AFRICA

The Baltimore cohort of Emergent Village will next gather on Tuesday May22nd from 7-9pm at Bare Bones Grill in Ellicott City. Our topic will be the Christian faith in Africa. A small number of our cohort will be traveling to Uganda for the next 2 weeks along with Brian McLaren and 40 others from Western nations to meet with 160 emerging and innovative African leaders who are working with organizations focused on mercy and justice in a conference called Amahoro Africa. We will be hearing from these African leaders and listening to their stories about what it means to follow Jesus in a time after the colonial powers have left. Our cohort on 5/22 will focus on issues of global Christianity, shaping a post-colonial theology for the church that is emerging, and reflecting on what Africans have to teach us about our American context. If you want to do any advance reading, I recommend The Next Christendom by Philip Jenkins as well as a short interview with David Zac Niringiye. Here's the pdf. I hope you can join us, Tim

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Roger Saner said...

You can view the material covered at the Amahoro gathering at and at (Graeme has also posted recordings at FutureChurch).

We've set up a discussion group at and will use that as a place to interact around concepts relevant for Africa (including theological work done by Africans).