Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Of possible interest

Cohort participant, Rick Laribee, offering a seminar on Emergent for Episcopal groups which he is presenting next Saturday at St. Mark's in Highland (near Columbia) where he is the rector. Here's the info.: “Emerging Church” Seminar Taking a Peek: Looking into the Emerging, Postmodern church from the perspective of the Established, Modern church Saturday, January 14 9:30 AM – 2 PM Presenter: The Rev. Dr. Richard Laribee Lunch: $5, RSVP to Kathy 301-490-5078 or email kathyjoboyer@yahoo.com www.stmarkshighland.com/emergent Also, our January gathering will take place on either January 18th or 30th. I'm waiting for confirmation. . .


Mike said...

any update on gathering date? I'm trying to free up my calendar so I can come...Wed. night is always tough for me so I'm trying to arrange ahead of time.


Anonymous said...

I attended the Nov 30 gathering, was out of town in Dec, and am looking forward to the next meeting.

Jan 30th is a better date for me.

Ruth Alice