Thursday, October 20, 2005

McLaren coming on December 14th

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on October 26th (see post), but wanted to let you know that Brian McLaren will be coimg to our cohort at the Bare Bones Grill on Wednesday December 14th at 7pm. It will be a great time to be with Brian, learn more about Emergent, and to have some discussion around our questions. See you soon, Tim


pat noone said...

I will really have to try and come. I've appreciated you keeping me on the list and informed even though I have yet to make an event. (Right around the time I discovered there was an Emergent conversation here, I broke my ankle. Plus I have an eight-year-old, so you can imagine my life.

Brian and I went to high school together--I would love to have a chance to say hi and find out his family and his parents are all doing!

Linnea said...

I'm finally off the road mostly between thanksgiving and christmas so will try to make it to the next 2 gatherings...Tim's told me you all are GREAT! Look forward to meeting you finally!

Mike said...

I plan on coming, albeit I'm 90 minutes away from Baltimore, but just don't have anyone to connect with around here re: Emergent. My dad lives in downtown Baltimore so I can spend the night with him.

If I'm coming from I-70...what time should I leave to get to the Bare Bones Grill? I am in Mercersburg, PA.

Thanks! Look forward to meeting y'all.