Friday, June 27, 2008

Volunteers needed for Artscape 2008

I received the e-mail below asking for volunteers for Artscape 2008. It looks like a great opportunity to support a great event. The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts has a severe shortage of volunteers for Artscape 2008. We are contacting you in hopes that your church may be interested in volunteering for this event. We would greatly appreciate your help! We would be glad to sign up your church members by phone and arrange for them to work together. We could liaison with a representative from your church to do so. We only ask that volunteers be at least 18 years of age or older. We provide free parking, a free-t-shirt, and refreshments. If you have individuals or groups who may be interested, please contact me directly at 443.263.4307. Thank you in advance for your support! Debbie

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tuesday June 17th, then Wed. July 16th

The Baltimore Emergent Village cohort will next gather on Tuesday June 17th at 8pm at Kiss Cafe (2400 Boston St, Baltimore 21224). Our topic will be" Post-colonial theology. We will look at the distinctives of post-colonial theology and its overlaps and distincts from varous postmodern approaches to theology. In short, we will discuss what people outside of the Western world (particularly the colonized in the global south) can teach us about what it means to follow Jesus and to be the church. Here are some reasources to help you to prepare if you are interested. The first is a lecture, "One African Postcolonial Theology: The Imperative to Differ" by Kenzo Mabiala delivered at the first Amahoro Africa gathering in Uganda in May 2007. The audio quality is not the best but the content is outstanding. The second resource is an article by Kenzo: I hope to see you on Tuesday. On next gathering will be on Wed. July 16th at 8pm when we will discuss the book, The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier by Tony Jones. Some other anouncements: Emergent Village is asking everyone (committed participants, casual admirers, and friendly critics) to take a brief (5 min.) survey. Please help out the Board of Directors by CLICKING HERE TO TAKE THE SHORT SURVEY Also, 2 upcoming Emergent Village-related events in DC
June 27: Shane Claibourne will be at Calvery Baptist Church, Washington, DC. 7pm - Register for free tickets here.
July 31: The Church Basement Road Show aka Tony Jones, Doug Pagit and Mark Scandrette at the Kay Spiritual Life Center at American University 7pm $10 at the door. Wesley Seminary is the acamedic sponsor for the tour - so come on out. More info is available here.