Thursday, December 15, 2005

Great gathering last night (without Brian)

We had a great time of conversation together last night. Brian McLaren was part of the Sojourners protest in DC (see the Washington Post) and was unable to join us. We are working to find another time for him to come join us. In January, we will be discussing Brian's article, "Church Emerging." For a copy of the article e-mail: One suggestion last night was to post a report on the previous gathering so that discussion could happen in the comments. Here's the report, so comment away...

Friday, December 09, 2005

Brian McLaren coming on Wednesday

Who would have thought that Brian McLaren would be found in the back room of the Bare Bones Grill on a Wednesday night in December? Well, it's true. Come join us at 7pm on this Wednesday night (12/14) for conversation with Brian. Head back through the bar towards the bathrooms. Across from the bathrooms there is a door on the right. Inside will be the Baltimore Emergent Cohort. See you then, Tim