Wednesday, July 06, 2005

July Gathering

Our July Gathering will take place on Wednesday July 27th at 7pm at Bare Bones Grill in Ellicott City. The group who was present last month enjoyed the conversations in a private room so chose to return to the same location. There is one small catch: though there is no charge to use the room, we must leave at least a $45 gratuity. So PLEASE use the comments section of the blog to indicate if you are going to be able to join us or not. We know this is cumbersome, but that way 2 or 3 people are not splitting the $45. So far we have had 10-15 people each time so it should not be a problem. Obviously, you can always come even if you did not say so first. [Some of you may have heard that we were going to meet on the 20th--well the room was booked on the 20th, but not on the 27th.] Dylan will be facilitating the discussion as I (Tim) will be at home with my wife and our soon-to-be-arriving baby.