Friday, May 27, 2005

WORSHIP IN THE SPIRIT OF JUSTICE------5 weeks of outdoor worship for Darfur, Africa. June 12-July 10, 2005

As I mentioned on Wednesday night, some folks at Cedar Ridge Community Church in Spencerville had a dream to worship at 5 public sites in Washington, DC for the sake of justice in the Sudan. Check out their website: for more info. They'll be at the Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Reflecting Pool--Congress, Freedom Plaza--Press Club, Sheridan Circle--Sudanese Embassy, and LaFayette Park--White House in the coming weeks. Anyone want to go together one (or more) weeks? We could bring people from our communities with us as well.

Recap of 5/25

A dozen of us gathered for more food, friendship, and conversation on Wednsday night. In addition to many informal conversations around the tables, we shared some ideas of possible future discussion topics. In no particular order, they were: What is "Emergent"? How to kindle spiritual hunger and assist people in integrating their faith and life? How to connect with postmoderns and maintain Christian distinctives? What is postmodern? Liturgy and modern for and with non-churched people Read a book and discuss it together How are we each doing as "emergent" Where do we seen ourselves being in 5 years with the Emergent conversation? How do we fight spiritual consumerism? The benefits and perils of on-line community Ministry preparation in the local church What kind of common mission(s) could we be about in Baltimore? Sharing what God is doing in each of our ministries Tim volunteered to select a topic for next month and Jason volunteered to find us a better location. NEXT GATHERING: Wednesday June 22nd, 7pm -- Columbia, MD check back for the precise location

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Topics for Wednesday night

If you have any ideas for a discussion topic for Wednesday night's cohort gathering. . . and for future gatherings, leave a comment and/or bring them on Wednesday . . . or use the bulletin board that Daniel set-up. See you at 7pm at Donna's. (For directions, see Daniel's comment on the previous post.)